Welcome to my portrait galleries, here you can see my portfolio. I am a location photographer and I love to do the shoot anywhere that means something special to my clients. This could be inside or out. I will advise you accordingly on the suitability of locations. I will always do my best to work around what it is you really would like. My pictures tell a whole story for you and others. They create a nostalgic story through imagery, in which place and time are both fondly remembered.

I love working with families and individuals alike. What is fascinating is what makes each person or family group tick and the way that their individuality comes across on camera.

In my profession everyone knows that only a brave person photographs children and animals. Luckily I’m always feeling brave when I am on location! I have two little monkeys myself and so have had many hours practice at photographing even the most liveliest of tinkers. One of my philosophies is, if the subject keeps moving, move with it! I love a challenge and thoroughly enjoy these shoots. My knack is whilst the adults know what I’m there to achieve, the children just think I turned up to have fun and make them laugh. Being friendly and energetic is key to engaging with a child, and therefore I can capture images of them at their most natural and when they feel happy and free.

Once you have decided on a location that suits your personalities, I go and check it out to find the best possible spots to do the shoot, in order to capture a variety of images in the best light and space. I will let you know the best time of day in that spot to get the best results within the time frame that you choose.

As we are in the UK, I always have a back up plan  just in case the weather is not on our side.

Please have a good look around and if you like what you see I’d love to hear from you.